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Consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)

Using our structured approach to training design, and our extensive experience of best practice in learning and development, we can help you to design and deliver training on just about any topic. We are particularly experienced in working together with technical experts to develop programs that can effectively transfer skill and knowledge to trainees.

Developing Tailored Training
Philippa Forsyth
In-house training
Any organisation that wants to empower their staff in key areas of expertise
Timing depends on content and delivery style
What do our staff need to do differently in order to drive the success of our organisation?
Your staff will be competent in whatever area of expertise you are seeking to develop
Our structured course development has the following components:
  • Conducting training needs analysis in order to understand the key outcomes that participants are expected to accomplish
  • Analysing the starting point of the workshop participants and understanding the root-causes of any current shortfalls in performance
  • Writing clear training goals to define: concepts which need to be understood, attitudes which need to be changed, information that needs to be known, and skills that need to be developed
  • Developing creative approaches to learning which will maximise the likelihood of enhanced workplace performance
  • Production of workshop manuals, other learning materials and games; development of workplace support mechanisms and performance aids (including training of coaches)
  • Delivery of participative and engaging training workshops; facilitation of coaching sessions
We are not ourselves experts in computer based training, although we have great experience in supporting such programs; we are extremely enthusiastic about the potential of blended learning and would be happy to work on design teams with IT professionals