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‘Walk the Talk’ – living your values - Workshop under development
Organisations suffer massive public embarrassment when breaches of ethics occur.  However, long before the public humiliation, there is a hidden cost as people within the organisation become cynical and de-motivated by the failure of their colleagues to live up to the spoken values of the organisation.  But how can leaders encourage their people to ‘walk the talk’?  And how can they get early warning of problems, so that corrective action can be taken before serious damage is done?  This workshop provides you with practical tools for creating an ethical workplace.
‘Walk the Talk’ – Living your values
Allison Dillon Kibirige
Board Members and Senior Managers who are serious about ensuring that their staff live up to their organisation’s values
2 days
How can we ensure that our staff are behaving according to our values?
Employee engagement is enhanced by consistency between the behaviour of the team and the spoken values of the organisation.  In addition, the litigation and public embarrassment that often result from breaches of ethics are avoided.