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In this section we explore some of the common problems that Leaders experience.  We’ve divided them up into categories to help you identify general areas where you might need support. 


Effectiveness & Strategic Issues

Customers or important stakeholders are complaining that you’re not quite delivering what they want; or you have a sneaky suspicion that your organisation is not as effective or successful as it might be. More

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Staff Competence Issues

You have been disappointed by the performance of recent recruits or you have promoted staff who performed well at a lower level but fail to do well as managers. More

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Staff Motivation & Engagement Issues

Your staff lack motivation and you are frustrated by poor performance and lack of effort; Senior Managers have to constantly drive the performance of more junior managers because they are not personally engaged in ensuring the success of your organisation. More

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Performance and Reward Issues

You don’t have effective systems in place to manage and reward staff performance - some people may be complaining that salaries are not allocated fairly, others that poor performing staff are allowed to get away with it – or you might have noticed that your best people keep leaving. More

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Relationship Issues

You are experiencing friction and conflict in relationships, irritated customers, or lack of co-operation from people whose co-operation is necessary for your success. More

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Work or Resource Management Issues

There’s a lot of ‘firefighting’ or crisis management, important organisational learning gets lost or you can’t accomplish important goals because of lack of resources. More

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Provide clear direction

Strategic Planning
Work Planning
Developing Organisation Structure
Great Governance
Walk the Talk
Managing Change
Managing Strategic Communications

Get the right people

Competency Based Recruitment
Best Practice in Recruitment
GPITM Accreditation
Recruitment Consultancy

Lead For Engagement

Managing Organisation Climate
Leading for Success
Future Leaders
Executive Coaching
GPITM Accreditation
Engaging through Leadership Skills

Manage Performance and Rewards

Managing Performance
Payroll Management

Manage Relationships

Caring for Customers
Building Teamwork & Trust
Managing Conflict
‘We’re a Team?!’

Manage Work and Resources

Managing Time
Strategic Financial Management
Improving Processes & Developing Procedures
Developing tailored training
Strategic HR Conultancy

 Problems we observe when work and resources are not managed well:
Failure to manage time effectively results in fire-fighting and stress for individuals and poor performance for organisations
Failure to manage finances effectively results in underperformance, loss of investor/donor confidence, and potentially closure of the organisation
Absence of clear procedures results either in poor/inconsistent standards or ‘re-inventing the wheel’ – every time you do it, you have to work it out all over again, as if it was the very first time!

Problems we observe when relationship skills need developing:
Poor stakeholder relationships — especially irritation or loss of trust from customers and investors/donors
Conflict within the team; breakdown in relationships and people dividing themselves into ‘us and them’ groups
Low levels of trust result in a slow pace of change, loss of business, poor team performance and a poor safety record

Problems we observe when performance & rewards aren’t managed well:
A tendency for high performing staff to leave after one or two years, and for the remaining staff to be discontented and grumbling
When poor performing staff not tackled, the rest of the workforce becomes de-motivated
When payroll is managed in a way that staff feel is unfair, de-motivation and loss of trust are the results

Problems we observe when leaders are not engaging:
Poor performing staff; poor performing organisation
De-motivated, disengaged staff; often with high sickness, absenteeism and staff turnover
Poor customer service
Poor safety record

Problems we observe when recruitment processes need improving:
Disappointment with newly recruited staff — you thought you had someone good, but they fail to deliver in the workplace
International organisations experience tension when highly qualified staff fail to perform in the cross-cultural context

Problems we observe when strategic direction is not clear:
Organisations are less successful than they might be when strategic plans and implementation mechanisms are flawed or out of date
Staff perform poorly when they can’t see the connection between the work they are being asked to do and the accomplishment of something important
Poorly designed organisation structure leads to inefficiency, conflict between team-mates and poor organisation performance
Breaches of ethics occur when values are not clear, are not modelled by Senior Management, and when corrective action is weak
Poor governance exposes the organization to risks which may even be life-threatening