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Solutions   Provide Clear Direction
  Provide Clear Direction

"You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction."  
Alvin Toffler

In order for an organisation to be successful, there needs to be clarity about what success looks like and an accurate road map for how to get there.
In addition, research shows that people are motivated when they feel that their work effort is contributing towards the accomplishment of something inspirational, so clarity of direction is also a key driver of employee engagement . It isn’t necessary to be a great talker or a charismatic figure in order to give your people a strong sense of purpose - research shows that ‘humble’ leaders are more likely to lead sustainable long-term success . However, it is essential to have a strategy that really does result in the accomplishment of key goals, and to ensure that each individual in the organisation understands the part that they need to play.

  • Poor staff performance arising from miscommunication of targets and goals.

  • Poorly designed organisation structure leads to inefficiency, conflict between team-mates and poor organisation performance

  • Breaches of ethics, especially when values are not clear, which is escalated by poor corrective actions.

  • Unnecessary exposure to risks.

This can, however, be remedied by our solution plans.

Our Solutions

Strategic Planning: In-house training & consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)
The quality of your organisation’s strategy is dependent on the quality of your strategic research. Our methodology for strategic planning involves your full team in gathering information that will shape your future direction. We then help a core team make sense of the data that has been gathered to set vision, mission and strategic goals. Our emphasis is on discovering each organisation’s unique contribution, so that team members are inspired and motivated.

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Work Planning: In-house training (2 days)
Once organisation strategy has been developed, the next step is to make it actually happen in practice. Our participative approach is designed to win the commitment of the team members who must implement the strategy, helping them to see how their individual efforts contribute, and encouraging them to consider new and improved approaches.

Our methodology involves a careful consideration of what success looks like for the participating team, and builds on this understanding to identify the practical, day-to-day, work activities that need to be carried out. We then help the team to make decisions about how the work might be divided up into roles and develop action plans for the future. High levels of engagement and motivation are the inevitable outcome.

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Developing Organisation Structure : In-house training & consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)
Some organisations are driven to review their organisation structure because of the need for cost savings in their payroll; others are motivated by a desire to be more effective or because of conflict between team members. We have a great deal of experience of leading organisations through restructures in a way that results in a more motivated and effective team. We start by mapping out the work that must be carried out across the whole organisation and use this understanding to drive the development of effective structure.

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“In my 43 year career I have never had the pleasure of working with a consultant with such unique insights into organisational effectiveness. As a result our school made a quantum leap in becoming a more highly performing and responsive institution.”

Dr. Donald Scott Groves | Retired International Head of School

Great Governance
An effective Board of Governors is essential for the success of an organisation. Yet we often find Boards composed of great managers, who are not so experienced or informed when it comes to great governance. Governance involves

  • Setting strategic direction for the organisation.
  • Managing strategic risks and;
  • Holding the CEO accountable for his or her performance.
These two workshops are suitable for educational institutions, NGOs, other not-for-profit organisations, SMEs and family-owned businesses.

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Walk the Talk; Living your corporate values
Organisations suffer massive public embarrassment when breaches of ethics occur. Before that though is the hidden cost of people within the organisation become cynical and de-motivated by the failure of their colleagues to live up to the spoken values of the organisation. As leaders, how can one encourage their people to ‘walk the talk’? And how can they get early warning of problems, so that corrective action can be taken before serious damage is done? This workshop provides you with practical tools for creating and maintaining an ethical workplace.

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Managing Change
There’s nothing as frustrating as having a great vision but running into endless problems when you try to implement. Sometimes this is because of poor project planning, but more often, it’s because the people whose co-operation is essential for success tend to resist the change that the new direction will inevitably bring. This workshop is designed for teams who need to lead a significant change. We help you to think through the key issues and manage your change, massively increasing the likelihood of successful implementation.

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Managing Strategic Communications
For many organisations, success depends on the ability to influence others – be it having a good quality marketing plan that will result in product sales, or a communications and advocacy plan that will persuade others to implement your important goals. This workshop will provide practical tools for developing strategic communications plans and clarifying your message and helps to develop both written and verbal communications skills, including media training.

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