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Solutions   Manage Performance and Reward
  Manage Performance and Reward

‘Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.’

John C. Maxwell



Studies show that the way in which rewards are handled by managers has a powerful impact on employee satisfaction and commitment. This is a direct effect of the motivation that it brings. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Career development and less concrete rewards, such as recognition and
appreciation, are highly valued by staff and their absence can be the main reasons for leaving an organisation.

Problems we observe when performance and rewards are not managed well:

  • A tendency for high performing staff to leave after one or two years, and for the remaining staff to be discontented and grumbling

  • When poor performing staff not tackled, the rest of the workforce becomes de-motivated

  • When payroll is managed in a way that staff feel is unfair, de-motivation and loss of trust are the results


Managing Performance : Workshop (2 days)
How can one drive one’s team to developing a culture of high performance and dedication? Workplace motivation is critical in helping participants to understand their role in supporting excellent performance. Practical skills for motivating staff (including how to have a ‘difficult’ conversation!)  are developed, and we provide a ‘troubleshooting checklist’ for analysing the causes of poor performance and choosing appropriate interventions. We also cover the important place of the annual appraisal and how to conduct an effective review. We can provide suggested paperwork for annual appraisals or we can tailor an in-house training using your own.

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“Our team was expertly guided to make critical decisions which were later carried out with excellent results. A very efficient and enjoyable experience
which quickly moved our organisation forward.”

Samantha Musoke | ACA, MA Hons Cantab

Payroll Management : In-house training& consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)
We have developed a job evaluation methodology that has been used successfully at an international level to develop salary structures that are fair and competitive. Also important is the knowledge of how to integrate pay and benefits policies with the bigger picture of performance management organisation wide. As ever, our approach is transparent and participative, thereby increasing the likelihood that change will be accepted by staff and will result in enhanced performance.

Our unique payroll-modelling program enables you to review the financial impact of various options and allows you to make future payroll decisions without being dependent on further consultancy support.

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“The programme provided the essential tools and approach to improve our business processes, efficiency targets and evaluate the posts in a 1000
strong workforce.

Peter Noble | Director of Operations | Medical Research Council | Gambia Unit


‘Research and consultancy studies demonstrate that employers with a defined
HR and reward strategy have higher levels of financial performance than those without.’

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development



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