Get the right People

‘People are not your most important asset; the right people are!’

Jim Collins

Successful organisations are made up of great people who have certain qualities: - proactive, capable, and enthusiastic. In addition, ‘job: person fit’ is a key driver of employee engagement. Our research shows that high performance has more to do with a person’s motivation and character than their qualifications.

Yet many recruitment processes skim across the surface and fail to select the right people. Get recruitment wrong and it will be terribly expensive and time consuming to manage the poor performing staff, so this is an area where return on investment is guaranteed.

Problems we observe when recruitment processes need improving:

  • Disappointment with newly recruited staff who fail to match expectations.
  • Tensions, for instance when highly qualified staff fail to perform in the cross-cultural context.


Competency Based Recruitment : Workshop (3 days)

Based on two decades of international research, this workshop explores the personal qualities that result in high performance. We start by learning how to clarify the work that needs to be done and use this understanding to identify the personal qualities that are needed in a successful job holder. We then move on to explore tools and techniques for in-depth evaluation of candidates. Participative exercises and role plays develop sophisticated interviewing skills; and the course culminates in a mock selection event involving volunteer candidates.

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Best Practice in Recruitment : In-house training for managers (1 day)

We often find that organisations would like their HR professionals to attend the 3-day workshop as it develops a depth of skill, but they would also like their management team to have an overview of recruitment best practice. Manager involvement increases the likelihood of an effective recruitment process, so we recommend this one-day workshop for organisations that are committed to selecting great people.

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GPITM Accreditation : Workshop (4 days)

Psychometric tests bring real depth and insight into recruitment and staff development. The Glowinkowski Predisposition Indicator, or GPITM, has been specifically designed to explore an individual’s strengths and development needs in the world of work. It has a fifteen-year history of successful use for recruitment, executive coaching and team building all around the world. Our accreditation workshop gives participants a personal life-time license to administer and interpret the GPITM, issued by our UK partner organisation GIL.

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“I have used the GPI methodology for many years. The GPI is easy to use, understand and its outcomes are in non-technical speak that is easily translated in business and individual development actions. It provides a common language for developmental feedback that keeps conversations objective and avoids the subjective or the overly personal. The database of talent now on the GPI means that true cross-industry benchmarking is possible. Most importantly, there is a very strong link between developing people using GPI and business performance outcomes.”

Richard Beavan, Lloyds Banking Group, General Insurance.

Recruitment Consultancy : Consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)

Our approach to recruitment consultancy is to work alongside managers and HR professionals, building their capacity to carry out high-quality recruitments on their own in future. Our team of consultants are highly experienced and qualified to develop competency frameworks, design assessment tools, conduct insightful interviews, and administer and interpret aptitude and psychometric tests.

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