Manage Relationships

‘A major reason capable people fail to advance is that they don’t work well with their colleagues’

Lee Iacocca

Effective leadership is all about relationships, not only with subordinates, but also with colleagues, customers, investors or donors, head offices, government officials and other stakeholders whose cooperation is necessary for success.

Winning the cooperation of others is always difficult and it’s particularly challenging in the multi-cultural context within which many of our clients operate.

Problems we observe when performance and rewards are not managed well:

  • Poor stakeholder relationships — especially irritation or loss of trust from customers and investors/donors
  • Conflict within the team; breakdown in relationships and people dividing themselves into ‘us and them’ groups
  • Low levels of trust result in a slow pace of change, loss of business, poor team performance and a poor safety record


Caring for Customers : Workshop (3 days)

The aim of any business is to build a base of repeat customers - the kind of customer that will boast about what a wonderful job you’ve done. As such, we teach you how to be proactive in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our highly participative approach includes role-plays to develop practical skills, including how to deal with difficult or complaining customers.

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“The training courses were presented in a fun and tangible way. The tutor’s use of multi-media helps all personality types to grasp new concepts and, by
completion of the course, new knowledge has been personally experienced and practiced, helping one to confidently apply new skills to the working environment.”

Leon Prinsloo, CEO, MAF South Africa.

Building Teamwork & Trust : Workshop (3 days)

Trust is critical for success in the workplace: people follow leaders they trust, so the ability to inspire trust is a vital skill for aspiring leaders. Teams who inspire trust perform highly, manage change effectively and have a superior safety record. In addition, success often depends on winning and keeping the trust of customers, investors, donors and other stakeholders. Our workshop explores how trust is won and maintained and develops practical skills for trust building. Questionnaires help participants to build a personal profile and identify their ‘trust gaps’. We also explore what to do when trust is broken, how to avoid over-trust and how to build trust with members of a different culture.

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Managing Conflict : Workshop (2 days)

Unfortunately, we don’t need a sentence to explain to you why conflict management is a necessary skill — we’ve all seen situations spiral out of control, where the very future of an organisation was jeopardised by unresolved conflict.

This workshop takes a novel approach by encouraging participants to notice and resolve the un-met needs of others before a conflict blows up. We use video and role-play to develop practical skills for dealing with tension. Rather than ‘brushing conflict under the carpet’ so that it simmers and flares up again later, we enable you to generate real and lasting harmony.

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‘We’re a Team?!’ : In-house training (2 days)

One truism consistent throughout history is that the sum  The GPITM questionnaire is administered to each participant before the workshop and we use the results to appreciate the strengths and unique contributions that each team member brings to the team effort. We then explore strategies the team might use for maximising their effectiveness and identify personal development goals. Games and practical exercises can be woven into the sessions according to the goals and preferences of the team.

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“We found the day’s workshop challenging, informative and fun. It exceeded our expectations from both an individual and team development
perspective, and will be of great value as we continue to grow.”

Tom Adlam, Managing Partner, PCP Uganda Ltd.