Manage work and resources

"Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all."

Peter Drucker

Success depends on doing a great job of your core business… whether that’s donuts, drilling or disaster relief! Whatever you do, a great leader ensures that the team does it excellently.

Problems we observe when work and resources are not managed well:

  • Failure to manage time effectively results in fire-fighting and stress for individuals and poor performance for organisations
  • Failure to manage finances effectively results in under performance, loss of investor/donor confidence, and potentially closure of the organisation
  • Absence of clear procedures results either in poor/inconsistent standards or ‘re-inventing the wheel’ – every time you do it, you have to work it out all over again, as if it was the very first time!


Managing Time : Workshop (2 days)

We have so many people and issues competing for our time that it’s easy to lose track of our important goals. Another common problem is for managers to be so busy that they don’t have time to lead — and then team performance really suffers. Participants are encouraged to join this workshop with an overview log of how they are currently spending their time (although we do appreciate that some are too busy to do that!). We then take a hard look at what they are trying to accomplish and equip them with strategies to manage time in order to achieve success.

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“Highest quality, always meets the need, professionally delivered training and I cannot recommend highly enough!”

Annie Russell, Africa Region HR Manager, MAF.

Strategic Financial Management : Consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)

Unfortunately, we’ve had experience of great leaders who tripped up because they failed to manage finances effectively, and businesses that failed because they couldn’t manage their cash flow. We support our clients in designing sound financial and management reporting systems. We are also able to provide coaching in effective financial management and tailored training if required.

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Improving Processes & Developing Procedures : Consultancy (timing depends on scope of project)

Our Work Planning Workshop helps you to identify all of the day-to-day activities that must be carried out in order to accomplish your purpose and strategic goals. However, it’s not sufficient to simply identify what needs doing; the work must actually be done, and done to a high standard. When we develop procedures, we help clients to explore and document best practice. We’re also experienced in creating visual aids and checklists to help job holders achieve high standards every time.

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Developing tailored training : In-house training (timing depends on content)

Using our structured approach to training design, and our extensive experience of best practice in learning and development, we can help you to design and deliver training on just about any topic. We are particularly experienced in working together with technical experts to develop programs that can effectively transfer skill and knowledge to trainees.

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Strategic HR Consultancy

Many organisations have a small HR department, or a busy manager who handles HR as one part of their job. This usually means that the staff concerned are flat-out busy just managing the day to day demands of their work and don’t have time to make strategic interventions.

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