Lead for Engagement

‘As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.’

Bill Gates

Engaging managers are the heartbeat of a successful organisation — facilitating and empowering their staff, they treat people with appreciation and respect and increase the capabilities of those they manage. At the same time, they rigorously pursue the organisation’s goals and drive performance.

None is born with all of the qualities of a great leader; we have to discipline ourselves and learn to behave in ways that run counter to our natural tendencies.

Problems we observe when leaders are not engaging:

  • Poor performing staff; poor performing organisation
  • De-motivated, disengaged staff; often with high sickness, absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor safety record

Our approach to leadership development involves using a range of tools to take an honest look at each participant’s starting point. What are your strengths? What do you need to develop?

We believe that much leadership training fails because participants imagine that they are already doing the things that are being taught! To counteract this, we start by holding up a mirror, and then support people as they seek to improve what they see.

“By providing practical tools for good leadership, the program was empowering and inspiring. It included fun opportunities to practise the skills we were developing.”

Kathleen Noble, Training Program Participant


Managing Organisation Climate : In house training (1 day) with follow up consultancy if required

Organisational Climate is the ‘atmosphere’ of the workplace, people’s perceptions of what it feels like to work in a particular team or organisation. The Organisation Climate Questionnaire from GIL measures those aspects of climate that are known to drive employee engagement and create a high performing organisation. Prior to the workshop, we administer the Climate questionnaire to the participants and their teams; we then compile the results across the group and give feedback on strengths and weaknesses. The emphasis is on identifying practical improvements with an action plan for enhancing employee engagement and driving performance.

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Leading for Success

This course equips participants with the practical skills that they need to proactively manage the performance of their team or organisation. We start by exploring how the actions of the leader affect the performance of the team; and we use the GPITM questionnaire to help participants take an honest look at their personal starting points. We then practise using a range of tools and techniques for managing both the task and the people so as to drive the success of the team.

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Future Leaders : Workshop (3 days)

Future Leaders is a variant of our Leading for Success program which has been designed for participants who are destined for leadership but are not yet holding a formal management position. We run separate, tailored courses for School Seniors, University Students and Graduate Recruits in the workplace. All our workshops use game-based learning and are highly interactive. Future Leaders is particularly fast paced and upbeat, suitable for a younger audience.

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Executive Coaching : Consultancy (usually one half day session with 3 x one-hour follow-ups)

Our unique approach to executive coaching involves the use of measurement tools in order to establish a data-based, objective, starting point and to diagnose the root cause of any problems. The exact choice of measurement tool is determined by the issue that the leader is seeking to address and our consultants are qualified to use a wide range of scientifically valid questionnaires and other research approaches. We then support participants in making necessary changes, partly through the use of traditional coaching approaches which encourage clients to generate their own solutions, but also through the provision of technical guidance and professional advice.

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Engaging through Leadership Skills : Workshop (4 days)

Great interpersonal skills are vital for an engaging leader. It’s all about meeting people where they’re at and adjusting your style so that you motivate and inspire them. This is a challenge at the best of times, but when you are dealing with people who are behaving badly in some way, it’s particularly difficult! We start by administering a 360° feedback questionnaire on behalf of each participant. We then use role-plays and video feedback to develop significant skill in relating effectively with others.

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